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Through the combined benefits of any of our cards for companies accepted throughout our network, you can always expect quality products and services while receiving multiple discounts and benefits.

Laurentian Bank VISA® Business Crevier

The Laurentian Bank VISA® Business Crevier card offers advantages well beyond those of a regular credit facility. Profitability is its trademark.

Get a cashback (up to 2.75¢/litre of gas) on all gas purchases charged to your account when filling up at Crevier Petroleum Inc. retailers.

Also get an additional cashback of 0.75% for every dollar charged to your account in gas, restaurants, hotels, etc. Imagine the savings your company could generate!

Application for VISA® Business Crevier card

You may apply for the Laurentian Bank VISA® Business Crevier card by presenting yourself at any branch of the Laurentian Bank, or request the form at one of our stations.

For more details, visit the Laurentian Bank website.